The Legend is passing…

The urban myth that was made into a movie, starring the much-hyped Grand Chi, wants the Welsh people to die ... psychologically when the cartographer of the time visited their village to record it and by measuring the neighboring mountain, he finds a hill. Shorter by a few meters, not exceeding the limit of 100 feet (3-5 meters) to count in the British mountains.

The Welsh, with their morals ravaged by the war, felt like the ultimate humiliation of their mountain, not a mountain at all, but a hill. With a thousand tricks and a great love they forced the cartographer to delay his departure, built on top of the mountain, forced him to re-measure, with the artificial building now giving the mountain its identity.

Great movie! But in our case! Olympiacos will climb a hill and the goal is to climb a hill again. Do not become a mountain of qualification. Let the Martins team not fall from the mountain. And we're not talking about jokes and fantasy stories. It has become something of a tradition for Olympiacos to come home to seal a ticket and eventually find himself in a difficult position halfway through the game to play the bunch.

The favorite is Olympiacos. Huge favorite and I would bet he goes to Plzen. And that has helped the PAOK, AEK, the new EPO, everyone. Everybody threw the junta into Greek football and they needed a really good team to play ball to win. Because up until last year, Olympiacos didn't always have to play ball, because even on a bad day something would have to win. And with that medal he received some loud slaps in Europe. Unsupervised to play ball, when he had to do it, he was half-hearted how. Now; Olympiacos has got good players, he has a good team, he knows all too well that he is obliged to win the ball and wins a team that, OK, even Ka won't win, even be excluded, 'Fatmi miss Yeni' Glass". This is the Czech mentality and the passion of the Greeks for qualification does not bother anyone.

Olympiacos passes for all these and many other reasons of natural football supremacy. It is enough to play ball. Just that.

Atromitos has not passed. With 1-2 except with a class superior team on the field? What a Duneisk and curly hair. The Peristeri team just went and set up a summer party. this is not discussed. And the Pigeons' technical leadership people will be watching Kuopio-Legia to have their own view of the next opponent, whoever he is.

Mars, finally, is not fooled and thinks he will climb a hill and go down a hill. No. He is called upon to climb a mountain and tear down the building from the top, to climb the slope of a hill and qualify in his hands. Qualification is a mountain for Mars, because Cypriots are not the funniest kids in the competition, but because the accumulated stress from the world and the press can only cause damage at this stage. And the image of the team in the first match was NOT good. He was not seeing the unprepared Mars and the excuses for arbitrations, penalty shootouts and the only good guys doing bad in the team.

The match with the Cypriot team is HUGE difficulty for the "god of war" and the better everyone in mind, players and technicians, the easier it will be to get down the hill on Thursday. Otherwise, MOUNTAIN!