10th consecutive victory…

Arsenal have changed, Emery has put his stamp on it and Londoners can dream of better days! Vardy λεί threatens the crazy series of the Cannonballs. The interruption of the championship found Arsenal in excellent momentum and its friends excited about the score harvest. Emery's team has overcome the nightmarish start, it already has 18 points and if it beats Leicester it will equal the performance of the 2013-2014 season. At the same time, it will be the 10th consecutive victory in all competitions and will approach the impressive record of 2007 (12 consecutive victories).

Replacing Wenger would never have been an easy task for Amery. But it has already shown that it can meet the challenge. Despite the pressure, he made the necessary changes, left his mark and led Arsenal to a series of victories. He was never afraid to make tough decisions, such as leaving Ozil or changing Lacazette despite his goals. No player is above Arsenal and Emery shows that in every way. If his team wants a change of defender to make it tougher he will not hesitate to strike. The Spaniard is really committed to making the team great again. The administration is giving him time and he is showing that he can make a team that will re-star in the Premier League.

Defensive instability, bad choices and wrong tactics were some of the characteristics of Wenger's era. These elements brought the end of his presence in the team. In recent years, Arsenal have seemed incapable of beating the title contenders and have been in the battle for a place in Europa. The defeats by City and Chelsea at the beginning of the season created a landscape of fear and doubt. But then things changed. Arsenal have now won six consecutive Premier League games, scoring 17 goals. There are still issues with their defense… But midfield the improvement is tremendous.

To have a top team you have to have top forwards. In recent years, Arsenal has bet on Zirou, Walcott, Welbeck, but also on Alexis Sanchez. The future, however, looks bright την with the arrival of Obamayang and Lakazet. Players capable of scoring and lifting jersey weights. Although there were doubts about their cooperation, the two of them (11 goals and three assists per season) have created a very good duo. They are two players who give the easy goal to Arsenal.

In Wenger's time, however, Arsenal had shown no defensive stability. Something had to change either at coach level or in management and personal matters. This year he has kept two games at zero, which is not enough. City and Liverpool have six clean sheets and Chelsea four. If she wants to return to the elite, she has to make up for it. Papastathopoulos' presence has helped a lot, but a lot of help from the whole team is needed.

In today's match, the Londoners will find against them a great scorer, a player capable of doing great damage. In August 2014, Jamie Vardy made his debut in the Premier League and against Arsenal he scored the first goal! Within four years, the Leicester forward won the championship and has participated in 34 goals in 46 matches against the "big six" of the Island (27 goals, 7 assists).

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