In a competitive crisis…

Last Saturday Olympiacos stayed in the 0-0 draw with Xanthi and the same day Bayern lost 5-1 to Eintracht Frankfurt. Bad for the Greek team, in view of tonight's meeting in Munich.

The next day, Sunday, the German-born Croatian coach Kovac was fired, after a year and a half in the big German team. And this is bad for Olympiakos. Let Bayern shoot the coach they had hired from τρα Eintracht Frankfurt.

Footballers "react"

In football, after a heavy defeat, the footballers "react". Much more after the dismissal of their coach. Maybe, to show that they are not to blame.

What reaction and what outburst of footballers after an unseasonable defeat or dismissal of a coach when the team is really in a crisis? So what's going on today with Bayern already having two defeats and three draws after ten league games? We are not interested in its course in Germany, but how it will appear today on 8 against Olympiacos.

Can Olympiacos Hope?

Why not. It is supposed to aim at the third place of the group and thus to qualify for the "32" of Europe. On the other hand, Olympiacos will not play with Bayern to lose. Nor to eat less than four, according to the schedule.

Bayern does not lose in Munich. The exception is Real and Liverpool, when they are European champions. Olympiacos is neither Liverpool nor Real, nor a European champion. We know. What we don't know is the outcome of the Munich game.