12 player ...

Tonight at AAKA another match between AEK and Olympiacos. Once in a while. And as long as football is played in Greece the two specific teams will always have the chance to… clash. At the championship level.

This is why there is always talk of clearing accounts. Feasts, not just exaggerations. AEK and Olympiacos have nothing to separate. Not even their handkerchiefs. Their job is to play ball, that is to say, spectacle. And they will succeed like football companies are, if those on the pitch by the end of the match do not want to leave.

The same goes for those who watch football on television. The referee whistles at the end of the project and they want…. other football, spectacular and festive. This is success, not only the desire for victory is played by the media and fanatics. And to crown the winner even if he didn't play the ball. Even if he was not entitled to victory.

When it only burns the score, no matter how it turns out, then the players and players are not really the opponents. The leading role is played by ... referees, team presidents, and ... fans. The 12 player. That he does not fight for football, but for the ... ideology of the team, its ... religion, its history, its sacred and its sacred. Professional footballers who are unknown and protected by them until yesterday and from faraway places.

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