In the battle of the first…

This Nations League at first I did not digest it. I will tell the truth. I found it irrelevant, irrelevant to what the UEFA staff claimed it would do, but also very aggravating for the players. I have no problem saying that it was ultimately an intelligent change. A way to end the factory with the useless friendlies that do not have the slightest due to the existence of some preparation and tests for federations that prepare teams for specific appointments, competitive or not.

He played friendly each national team to prepare for official tournaments. Time was lost for friendlies, for preparation tests. For nothing. This is now avoided with the Nations League which can be snubbed and used in matches to test players and teams. Or she can play for the distinction and to fight to get an alternative ticket to a big event! Or in a hybrid shape with both. And distinction and tests.

You get a ticket for the Euro from the Nations League. And at the same time it replaces the friendly ones. With a perfect test, well structured, as if you were playing a formal game. Or does it really play official though.

Greece went mediocre in the first Nations League and begins the adventure of the 2nd Nation League with opponent Slovenia away a match that probably judges a lot in the battle of the first. Which Moldova and Kosovo, that is? The rise will be judged between the two and Van de Sip knows that well. And you will see a very well-read national team, well organized in defense. Will he succeed? Unknown. But tidy set, yes, you will see.

The nice matches, the great ones, however, are not in League C of our national team. Not even in B which has some interesting bunches, but not the big game. You will only find this in League A with the crown of the "national window" being the Germany-Spain match. Sometimes a possible Euro final or even a World Cup!

It has other nice ones the Nations League, you find interest in matches and in times of clean slate, a waste for international football And this, especially in strange times of pandemic, is important. Just remember this even if you bet on any match. We do not have people this time to influence any game. In vast stages, everyone will play like a spinning head.