"16" for the third day… (FUND - 3,00)


Hello my friends,

The "16" phase continues for the third day, where even today, two teams have a clear advantage, as yesterday, although Spain, finally said goodbye to us, in the "soul-destroying" penalty shootout.

Brazil's best and most quality team, although Mexico has shown very good results, but I don't think celesao will be ruled out so early. I also see it as just a game because Brazil does not score a lot of goals (and all three games under) and Mexico have very difficult goals.

The Japanese team is not bad. He fights every game and it would be unfair not to go through the "16" phase. But Belgium is scary at the moment, perhaps the most stable team in the tournament and I think they will be able to qualify.

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Brazil - Mexico
Belgium - Japan

1 & O 2.5