169 Goalie 22 Penalty ...

FIFA President Gianni Iffantino, at a recent press conference before Sunday's final, strongly emphasized Russia's World Cup as the best it has done, stressing the spectacle on the pitch, avoiding incidents and excellent organization. Of course, it is common for the President of the World Football Federation to knit the glorification of the event when he has the reins of world football, but the words of the Swiss player are not far from reality.

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To say that it was the best is worth talking about as the comparisons between different seasons and disparate football make any comparison, without common and therefore quite bold. However, no one can deny that it was impressive, captivating football spectators and friends all over the world.

There are very few World Cup premieres where you see five goals in the first game and even one team crash, as it happened in Russia's 5-0 over Saudi Arabia. At the same time, it was the only event organized by 1954 after which it had only one "white" draw, with the Denmark-France match ending 0-0 in the group stage. Speaking of goals, Russia's 169 stadiums have achieved just two fewer than the record in the history of the World, 1998 and 2014.

We have also seen 7 goals in three games, which is quite unusual at this level of football, with England's 6-1 over Panama, Belgium's 5-2 over Tunisia and 4 X's win over France. of Argentina. Many may think that the number of goals does not matter, but the point in the match. In this category too, Russia has a strong lead over previous competitions.

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At the 2018 World Cup, nine goals were scored in the final minute or over, which has never happened again, and it is characteristic that it has been 8 times, in all tournaments together from 1998 to 2014. ! The previous best record in the tournament was four years ago in Brazil with four goals!

Beyond the numbers, Russia's World Cup will quickly forget about the superpowers of the sport. The fact that Germany was excluded from the group stage, Portugal, Argentina, Spain and Brazil also left quite early, shows, though, that it was an event with surprises and unexpected results, even if they did not like it. to many fans who admire the traditional forces of space.

The result of the exclusion of the "big" is the fact that the semi-finals teams only had two World Cup victories in the past (France, England) unlike previous tournaments, where 2014 was 10, 2010 teams had five conquests and 2002 and 2006 by seven!

What made the event more intense, however, is the use of the VAR for the first time, which helped referee decisions to be more objective and avoid mistakes. The result was to put the 22 ball into the penalty spot, something that had never happened before in the World Cups.

Numbers, figures, and facts thus argue in favor of the idea that Russia's Mundial was perhaps the most exciting in history, though in the end it is the fans who give the final verdict, depending on how much the event has touched the mind and their heart.

Whatever the case, memories of the event are many and good to keep, as no one knows what to expect in the next completely unorthodox World Cup to take place in Qatar this winter.

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