Early qualification… (FUND - 4.87)


We got a first taste of Italy for what follows… (3.75) at halftime / final the lads paid us.

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# Rugby team Wales with defensive tactics will try to steal the result, scoring 1.25 goals per game… senior team Switzerland is present for 3η Once in the final phase of a major event with the same coach, he will seek qualification early.

# Number one in the FIFA world rankings, Belgium has "the whole package", it has only won the qualifiers, it scores 4 goals on average, it's a cold underdog, Russia is not at its best, it plays "at home", it will try to stand tall.

# The models move inversely, there is a difference in dynamics, the set of odds is honest… 1 victory in 5 matches, Sandefjord plays for its stay in the category, in the title track, Molde finds it difficult to do 3η continuous gela.

# The season started strong, Christyasund wins 4 consecutive margins and in the goal-victory-psychology, Od succeeded against Bodo Glimt before the break, it took over.

# Closer to dominance, Ham Cam runs 4 matches undefeated, shows character inside, will find a way to celebrate; only counts defeats, Stromen does not score even in training.

# In general, Longford reached 13 matches without a win "falls" from the first round… 3η This year, St. Patrick will look for the three-pointer for obvious reasons.

# Home, tradition and timing advocate for Sligo the rest on the field τε has good pressures Drohenda comes from 4 wins in the last 5 scores away from home.

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Wales - Switzerland
Belgium - Russia

over 2.5


Sandefjord - Molde
Kristiansund - Odd
HamKam - Streams