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World Cup ση group stage:

# 2 / 2 has Mexico (1 defeat in 6 matches) just wants 1 points to get into the knockout phase while finishing 1ο in the group… 10 matches undefeated Sweden lost the match from the Germans in the loss today they only want a victory they will definitely look for the goal from the locker rooms.

# The first place in the group is chased by Switzerland (29 matches undefeated) passes and with a draw however wants a clear victory and with a difference of goals to prevail in case of a draw with Brazil… zero score for Costa Rica counts 4 consecutive defeats with 1 goal in for.

# A well-crafted team with experience, the Serbs (scoring in the last 13/14) difficult to improbable the qualifying scenario, here they only want a victory… one click on all lines Brazil (22 matches undefeated) chases the first place in the group easily or with difficulty will find a way to prevail.


Switzerland - Costa Rica
Serbia - Brazil