Migrant Worlds…

As the migrant… burns the EU, players of different backgrounds from the nationals that represent the World make impressive appearances! 83 from 230 soccer players from 10 European teams have a different origin. Belgium, France, England, make the difference in the World Cup. Teams that make them famous because they rely on great football personalities. Among players of different backgrounds, a culture that is driven by the good of the country gives everything to succeed. At the same time, migration is a key issue on the EU agenda.

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The 47.8% of the Belgian group is made up of sons of immigrants, with immigrants making up the 12.1% of the country's population! Lukaku's forward, who was shocked by his interview and the message to his grandfather, "Your daughter is okay. There are no rats in the apartment. We no longer sleep on the floor. No more stress. We are good now… They no longer have to check our identities. They know our names ... ".

Other European teams in the Mundial, France, Portugal and Switzerland have a similar image. Migrant children constitute the 78.3% of Tricolor and are the ones who have launched the group when all immigrants in the country reach the 7%.

In Switzerland, the figure is huge, reaching 65.2%, when immigrants in the country make up 24%. Of the English team, at least nine of the 23 players were of Caribbean or African descent and the percentage reaches 47.8%. The 39.1% of the German roster are players of a different origin, as are the Portuguese 30.1%.

The Spaniards follow with 17.4%, while the same percentage as the Swedes, while the 13% of the Danish roster consists of players of different origins. Even in Iceland, a country of 330.000 residents the 4% of the roster consists of immigrant children! Overall, 83 of the 230 players from the 10 European teams are immigrants. Looking at the European teams, one would think this side of the Atlantic Ocean is living in a utopia without borders.

But far from the soccer field, the reality is different. European leaders gather in the Belgian capital, Brussels, to discuss immigration, the burning issue, as the European Union tries to keep migrants out, hoping to avoid a repeat of 2015, when hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers Europe.

Italy, the entry point for thousands of African immigrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea in overcrowded boats, is pressuring other European nations to share the burden. Angela Merkel, the German chancellor who is a kind of "mother" to the European family, is under pressure from her government to stop the new arrivals.

After weeks of diplomatic tensions in Germany, Italy, Malta, the EU Member States have come to an agreement to establish safe havens in another designated set of countries for processing asylum applications. If rescued immigrants find that they are eligible for asylum, they will resettle in EU countries that agree to receive them…

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