25 Final CL…

It's something that has won him all the Champions / Ch League years. The fact that she has been worn by the world crown is a dogmatic privilege and at the same time a burden that she has to justify over time. Wherever, whenever and wherever he is, Real always receives the favorite's anointing. You feel that wherever you sit, there is the place of honor. Especially in its latest release, the one with the 4 / 5 finals, this team looks invincible. It is historically the best of all time. At the same time, however, it is the particular company that Zinedine Zidane has made that has managed to create something brand new, galloping for the third consecutive mug with big ears. And this is done at the same time with huge reserves of fortune from some asteroid traveling from the outermost universe. If then ... fate drives the one who follows it, this Real of the modern age combines that too. And she follows and defines her own karma. It is lucky, it has a push, but above all it has something to do with occultism, mystery, something that is not interpreted by tactics, systems and pure ball. This team simply cannot afford to lose and that is destiny.

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For modern Liverpool the opposite is true. Looks like the… night worker. Its golden age seems distant, let alone the final for the third time in 13 years. The Reds are the outsider, the surprise, the weak case. To get here, he had to do it all the way. He had to get on the pitch from August 15 for Play Off, contract with Hoffenheim, sweat too early. But they are channeling this… something terribly healthy. They have an unbridled excitement, an appetite, they play catchy-aggressive, and it may be time for Giggen Klopp to lift a Euro Cup after two lost personal finals. The pressure that this Liverpool high is putting on and the speed at which he comes out after stolen balls is monumental. The question is whether she has the metal, since on this wonderful journey she could have been impressed, but she was not called upon to face any truly great power of the institution.

So there is a favorite. Real can't have that role. Zizu's karma scans and he doesn't need many words. He has said a few these days and left the words to his opponent. Clopez either believes it or because the savoir vivre of mind games dictates it, he hastened to explain that the Frenchman is superior. The same was true of the Madrilenes. For the Queen again, aristocratic descent or, generally, a high "social" position, creates the obligation of conquest. But the Reds have a solid background. They really do not fear it. They see the most ... mortal face of title holders. They know that no matter how high one sits, he sits on his butt and there they want and they can throw a solid kick…

Liverpool vs Real Madrid so on the final straight and a few hours until the melody in the Ukrainian capital is even sweeter as it is for the All-Champions League. The most successful English team competes with the top Spanish and No1 in history and titles in Europe. But apart from the club battle, the bench is of great interest, this year between two people who have arrived here following two completely different paths. Jurgen Klop and Zinedine Zidane will play chess against the backdrop of heavy silver Kiev and whatever the outcome, once again in the top event a story will be written. "Marcelo will go up and leave room for Salah, football is not that simple ..."

Klop's path has a degree of difficulty that cannot even be compared to Zidane's. At the peak of his football career, Tall was a foreman at Mainz, a team that recommended 2001 as a coach. After 8 years there Dortmund saw things in their tactics and its people could not be more justified as Clop achieved one of the most difficult modern wonders. Getting two consecutive years of the league from Bayern [2011, 2012], forcing the Bavarians to buy half the BvB in the coming years. After a Champions League final [2013] today the 50 year had nothing else to do and 2015 once again has the form of Liverpool.

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Within these 2.5 years, Klopp's influence on Anfield's club can be characterized by two foreign words. Extreme makeover. From a team that ended 8, Liverpool became a set that, as the extremist, Santi Mane said, has proven in many cases "any opponent can beat". With the intensity and speed that make the eye open and an aggressive treble that breaks the barrier of sound, the Reds under the German have made leaps and bounds and are now one match away from the 6 Champions League title. Klop has not only chosen expensive stars to create his own backdrop.

With a goalkeeper from Mainz, a right back from the academy, three former Southampton players, a left back from the relegation, Hall, a former Newcastle ace, a former Manchester City pundit, and a former Manchester City pundit, Manchester City Hoffenheim, Clop in a short span of time, has made a set that would envy many top names in the field. With gegenpressing crunching bones and nerves and fast-paced football that you love if you are neutral, Clop has the chance for a totally anti-all-odds mug.

“The 5ara in Porto was the turning-point. There people started to wonder, what is going on? " The triple mane, Salah, Fermino have only one 30 goal in the CL but everyone knows that Liverpool's work to glory is as easy as tackling a team that has made it unbeaten in the history of the premier league. "They have no weaknesses. It's not easy to do things to them, it's cold like ice, ”admitted the German, who has in his negative 5 a series of losers in all competitions and that he has a chance to celebrate with 2012. He, of course, sees a positive in the whole affair. "At least, I will not have Zidane on the field." The point is to beat him on the bench too.

For Zidane, the Champions League and the final, it's a whole different story. Literally, history. Unlike Klop, Zizu didn't have to do a training miracle to make his name heard in the whole football world. The Frenchman won the top club title as a player at 2002, even scoring a goal that is still the top of the competition, perhaps even better than Cristiano Ronaldo's scissors against Juventus this year. From the 2014-15 season, when Carlo Ancelotti's La Decima glow began to fade, the Merengues were paving the way for Zidane, and despite Rafah Benitez's failed choice of X history again.

"Well, will Zidane get the Champions League once he comes?" And yet, the roulette at the San Siro civil 2016 hung on white. And next, the 2017 in Cardiff? Again the same. "Well, will Zidane get a second serve? Are we going crazy? " Let's not speculate, in just 2.5 years of career, Zizu is 90 minutes away from getting three Champions League series [while he's only got two], to get Bob Peasley's all-time list [Liverpool, 1977, 1978, 1981 ] and Carlo Ancelotti [Milan 2003, 2007, Real 2014] and so effortlessly leave Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola behind, having written measured miles on the benches.

Tranquil, without harsh reactions, but without fear of making decisions that had nothing to do with the ordinary. Zidane was the one who started to convince Christian that he should be part of the rotation, Zidane showed to Bale and Benzema that if they didn't play ball they would be on the bench, Zidane showed that he could manage world-class stars. And of course, not only on the psychological track but also on the chessboard. You may hear someone say that despite the successes you are not convinced that he is a trainer, but Zidane is the one playing 2-3 different systems and without having fallen into a world of galacticos, he has gone on to do the miracle this year weakened roster. For him, it is not a miracle but of mastery to always keep your players thirsty. "You cannot go for the third time in the Champions League final and have excluded Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Bayern Munich if you do not motivate the players ...".

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