CR7 in Juventus…

Before the Mundial was over, Ronaldo was already working on his new project. After briefly clarifying that the reports were true and the deafening transcript was completed, the Portuguese was in Turin and announced. She is already a Juve player, and even her typhoon may not realize it and expect to see her with their own 7 in the back. As for a divorce with Real, things are very simple. The team in which he played for 9 years and broke whatever record he has, is the absolute loser in the division for the very simple reason that he lost the top and there is no one like him out there to replace him.

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Real's administration may not have played exactly the way Cristiano would have wished and eventually lost it because of his own handling, but Meregnues fans have shown that most ungrateful, you are dying. On one occasion, during his days at the Bernabeu, they asked José Mourinho if he had been relieved that the aficionados had condemned him. Very relaxed and always ready, the Portuguese had the answer. "Here, they have condemned Ronaldo [Phenomenon] and Zidane." The same guys who have whipped up the No1 player who wore their team shirt, Christian Ronaldo.

As the kangaroo did, so do we leave Real and go to today and the work that even haters will want to see. Cristiano in Juventus. To make 5o double series in Italy? It was probably not for this reason that teammate Anneli, Paratici, Morocco, decided it was time for the bam with the biggest scorer in the history of the sport.

He did not need to say in his presentation by the Bianconeri that he is a player who does not look like anyone. The way he works, the way he stays focused on his work in every small and 'insignificant' bunch, the way he takes care of his body, all this has made CR7 at 33 able to make a solid restart and his motivations to be unbelievable. With him, the lucky one who has him [Juve, not Georgina] will go up and if - as we said with Pallantza - if his teammates are smart, they will get some of the motivation and the way he works in training .

It is clear that Ronaldo signed with Juventus to give 1996 heavy silver for the first time. The individual records, titles and goals may be the oxygen of the fabulous Portuguese, but all this is only a profit for Juve. He himself may not have the stress though he may want more than Anneli the CL, but after four cups in 5 years and 5 with two teams, Christian knows that this time the phase is not so heavy for him and that is again positive for the Torino.

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This is the difference with Christian Zlatan. The difference being that in the last part of his career he has the mental and physical strength to really be the best at the top-level and he wants every goal he puts in the history books or the Champions League or the top leagues and not some much lower capacity. Ronaldo is already mad at the idea of ​​being the first after Clarence Zendorf with CL with three teams and if he does so he will become the only Golden Ball with three different clubs.

The kangaroo found a way to make the final blow even though it did not reach the overtaking in the Mundial. At Juventus he has everything he needs to get her out of the curse of the finals and the 22-year-old and with him the Lady begins to enter for good into another category at all levels. For the record, here are the records he has to face. Surely he would have thought of them…

More league goals in a season. The record is 36 and is owned by Gino Rossetti (Turin 1928-29) and Gonzalo Higuain (Napoli 2015-16).

More goals in a season with Juventus. The record is by Ferenc Hirscher, 35 the 1925-26.

The oldest football player to score 5 goals in a league match. The record is by Miroslav Cloze, 34 years and 330 days in the Lazio 2012-13 race.

The oldest scorer in a championship match. The record is of Luke Tony, 38 years and 5 days with Verona 2014-15.

The oldest to make a hat-trick in the league. The record is of Silvio Piola, 37 years and 51 days with Novara.

Achieve the most hat-trick in the league. The record is 17 and is by Gunnar Nordal (Milan, Roma) and Giuseppe Meacha (Inter, Milan, Juventus, Varese, Atalanta).

Become Juventus's top scorer in European competitions. At the top is Alessandro Del Piero with 51 goals.

To be the first top scorer in Serie A history. At the top is Silvio Piola with 274 (Pre Vercelli, Lazio, Turin, Juventus, Novara).

Become the top scorer in Juventus history. At the top is Alessandro Del Piero with 288.