28 day in Ireland


Hello my friends,

We may be slowly getting ready for the start of the championships in England and Scotland, but this Friday we are continuing with the Irish Championship, which continues with the 28 race.

Bohemian wants a big win in the derby against Limerick, as the two teams are only four points and two places behind (Bohemian seventh, ninth in Limerick). With the home forum the home side and with the help of the world, I believe they will get this win-win that will get out of the relegation zone.

Derry and Sligo are two teams with different goals, with the home side chasing a place in the Europa League as they are five points away from third Waterford. Sligo, on the other hand, is in a bad position, having two points above ninth place and two points in particular from Limerick and I don't think he has any hope for something good in this game.

St. Patrick 's will chase until the end her chances, to "check" a European ticket and against the last and weak Bray, she will have no problem, since the guests are with one and a half "leg" in the second category.

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Derry - Sligo
St. Patrick 's - Bray
Bohemian - Limerick


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