28th Premier League…

The cross for the 28th Premier League, the 28th race since the renaming of the category, took place and the favorites for the title are two, Manchester City and Liverpool. And if the citizens will fight for the third consecutive title, the reds are finally burning to break the curse of 30 years without a title.

Beyond that, of course, there is going to be a fight for the foursome and the European tickets, perhaps the toughest fight in decades! Arsenal are expected to improve, Chelsea want time with Lampard on the bench, Tottenham will still be a competitive season, while Manchester United remain sizeable at all times. From there and back reinforced, Everton is presented, followed by the mid-range teams that will play to regulate the championship as well as their salvation. These include of course Bournemouth, Aston Villa, Norwich, Sheffield United, but also Newcastle, Crystal Palace, Brighton, Burnley.

Where will one focus? What are the G points of each group? Here, starting first from 7ada:

City: Only selectively reinforced by City with Rodri and Angelino, while Companion left.

Liverpool: Her big weapon is Clop, the reformer of the big port team that brought the Anfield back to the Champions League. Transcriptions made no sense, betting on its consistency and commitment.

Chelsea: He took Europa and was ranked 3 in the premiere despite being unstable and writing a story with the decade-long Cape-Sari episode. Frankie Lambert has now returned and has been given the keys by Roman Abramovich, a fan favorite and club legend but inexperienced at this level. It was weakened because it was under FIFA's ban on transfers, and Azar left.

Tottenham Hotspur: Last year's dream season was not accompanied by a title, but only the Champions League final is a huge success. Wanted coach Mauricio Pozzetino, who does not buy, builds his team. He lost to Buck Trippier, but he got the very high quality Entobelle, and he still hasn't completed his moves.

Arsenal: With Emery in her first season after Wenger lost her goals as unstable. However, while 5 is not a success, it is not a failure for such a strong transition year, and it was also a Europa League finalist. Strong offensive, rather weak and prone to defensive gela.

Manchester Yun: She stayed for the 6 season without a championship season and invested in coaching the old man (Mourinho) to give her own child (Salskier) a chance but without success. He makes accurate transcripts of questionable performance, however, while Pogba remains in his ranks, though he longs to leave.

Everton: Despite having a generally good season, she paid her belly in the middle of the season and stayed out of Europe, which disappointed her and gave her a shot at resting against Europeans. Marco Silva is still insisting on making great transcripts with Delphi, Gbamen and Ken!

From there and below, Wolves Nuno Espirito Santo to continue his work, having kept all his weapons, Leicester with Brendan Rodgers, strengthened aggressively with Agiothe of Newcastle, while West Ham by Manuel Pellegrini who creates a team that will play initiative football. And it may be significant that Stracher Arnautovic is absent but the gap is filled with Aler and Fornals!

Watford Javier Grathia's did not change last year's successful recipe, it basically continues as it is. At Crystal Palace the experienced hogson continues his work in September of 2017 and has a homogeneous set, withNewcastle of 58year-old Steve Bruce, chosen as the successor to Rafa Benitez, and with internal turmoil, followers are arguing against the owner because of a disorganization that does not announce better days.

Bournemouth With 41 year old Edie Hawkeye remains faithful to her transcription policy, only adding young and promising players, while losing some important gear to her machine. Burnley Sean Dates (for 7 years please), who has stabilized it in the Premier League, moved very carefully and acquired goalkeeper Pike, defender Peters and West Brom chief Jake Rodriguez. Absolutely enhanced and dangerous. Like Southampton of the Austrian Ralph Hazenhatl who selectively took feral aces and relies heavily on homogeneity.

Brighton got the keys from Chris Hutton Mae gave them to Graham Potter, and he also decided to get stronger and made record transfers financially. They still have to persuade themselves to race. Norwich made fun of Farke and went for a walk, but he definitely wants further support to stay in the class. Sheffield United returned to 13 after years of managing her own child, 51-year-old Chris Wilder, and has a solid defense but also a solid midfield line. Aston Villa, Finally, with the successful Dean Smith, much has changed with more quality additions to those of Enchels, Wesley.

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