Nancy defeats 3 / 4 series ...


On Friday's Move:

Reims - Lyon with premium 5% *, even better odds and countless special bets!

# Unbeaten in all competitions, Le Havre in the middle took an easy lead over Burg Peronas, he's been on a good track this year with nowhere to lose at 3 most recently he has just conceded 1 goals ... against X

# At best, Ausser is counting 2 scoreless three-pointers outside, scoring 3 times in each game ... inversely Nancy's start is not convincing (3 / 4 series defeats xNUMX-1)

# Properly matched odds set at Reims - Assault defense the match both started with wins this season having the backdrop to score at least once in the match ... possibly doubles.

# The highly successful year for Betis ended near 5η position remained unbeaten in the friendly preparations he wants to start the season victoriously… Levante is back in experience after being forced into the category.

# Tight on all lines Villa Nova - CRB (from 4 / 5 and 5 / 5 under each) will most likely decide marginally and in goal ... N / G pays close to 2 points.


Le Havre - Clermont
Auxerre - Nancy
Real Betis - Levante



Reims - Lyon
Vila Nova - CRB

goal / goal
during 1,5