Jung Boise Train… (2 FUNDS - 4,50 & 5,94)


The basic 3 team has paid 4,87 times refunds… a matter of time for our teams and us to find presses.

Let's get into Sunday's traffic:

# Esterund's primary goal of the first 3 team on the table, has definitely been to complete 7 wins in 9 matches as he moves to normal levels ... against tradition, Kalmar offshore shows vulnerable gaps in the backfield.

# Compelling force Charleroi puts quality mid-range in front of the public with the backdrop to score ... a bunch of guys Anderlecht has turned up divides 4XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

# Crash Test Match for Basel (2 series wins) in view of the rematch with Fitches in the Europa League traditionally has the upper hand ... the third reason in the match Sion is absent better looking elsewhere.

# Fair underdog Lucerne lost 4-0 in the middle of the Olympics There is tiredness and frustration ... with wild moods Jung Bosch made a strong start to his 3 first season with a X-factor X X

# The loaded Grammy program (4 series wins) will necessarily make changes to the basic shape following a cup match and the Libertarians ... open book Vitoria Baia's defense at 3's last outings has received 11 scoreless goals.

# Seattle's undefeated 7 game, of which the last 4 scorers score in a decent tempo is lagging behind ... the tradition for Dallas goes to a stadium where 5 counts consecutive defeats.

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Oestersunds - Kalmar
Basel - Zion
Lucerne - Young Boys



Charleroi - Anderlecht
Gremio - Vitoria
Seattle - Dallas

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