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CL group phase operation second:

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Real Madrid - Roma with bet return *, enhanced performance and live alerts *.

Starting with AEK being a bloated underdog does not count for Bouk however running 14 European match unbeaten scoring has consistently achieved the ultimate 3 / 3 in the Super League overall has left a positive impression. Higher in quality and experience, Shakhtar plays in doubles odds will chase a qualifying score easily or hardly expected to reach the target. Couple for Benfica - Bayern There is a big difference in the set of center-right performance will play. Over 2,5 is lucky in Real - Roma as the offensive teams will look for a goal in the open court and whatever it takes. Heavyweight United roster will have no problem against "young kids" is in the right timing comes from 2 series wins except the Premier League will find a way to cheer on the synthetic carpet. Fully attacking Valencia strong 'Mestagia' headquarters after two years back in European affairs ... Juventus' first cup favorite to play without rival in the campaign (4 / 4 wins) remains to prove it in practice.

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Shakhtar - Hoffenheim
Young Boys - Manchester U.



Benfica - Bayern M.
Real M. - Rome
Valencia - Juventus

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