5 key except Avai ...


Roulette matches in this Champions League qualifying phase - teams unknown - are not for serious betting ... we are discreetly absent.

Sportingbet: Now the game ... takes another level!

Here are the main choices:

# At 25 points both teams are chasing the first 3 team of the table capable of scoring at least one foul in the match ... Avai's many absences (5 key except) give Atletico Goianense the right to play.

# At -3 from the top Villa Nova runs 7 unbeaten match (3-4-0) has traditionally been one of the top rising favorites this year, 2,5 months without a win in front of her audience is clearly the first reason to dream and in practice ... extremely unobtrusive except for Brasil Pelotas (0-3-4) difficult to overcome.

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Avai FC - Atletico GO
Vila Nova - Brasil de Pelotas

goal / goal