Adrienne Zaccotti ... the straw!

The attempt by Melo Pereira, or perhaps by Stavros Tritsonis, to find a referee in the UEFA elite category once again found ... a wall, and so was Adrienne Zacotti in the 'eternal' derby. 35chron is the second Swiss to whistle in the Super League championship, after 36chron San Fendi, who was set for the Olympic derby with PAOK.

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The biography of the Derby lord does not, however, refer only to a referee with parchment. It became international at 2011, it took three years to advance to the second category and ... stayed there. And in his first 35 run, the elite doesn't catch up with his age and let's say ... "It's hard to get to the top, but I'd lie if I didn't want to be in the elite of refereeing for the Champions League."

What he did prevent, however, was to sell hot dogs, as he revealed in an interview in February on 2014 to try out as a singer, become a lawyer and learn six languages. Speaks in English, German, French, Catalan, Spanish and Italian, born in Basel on 19 / 7 / 1983, Zaccote is a lawyer by profession, a partner in a company based in his native country, and is considered a national and specialist , banking and litigation.

Exciting Markets for the 'Eternal' Derby

“I used to play football when I was little. I was involved in Youth Tournaments lasting two days each year. As members of the team we were playing games while helping the club. We were selling hot dogs or even acting as referees in children's games. I would have preferred the latter. It turned out to be a great choice because then I decided to attend dieting seminars and pursue a career in arbitration. I had not imagined, however, what this road would take me, ”Zacote said in an interview, who has whistled for 40 international matches and has his fellow compatriot, veteran runner Massimo Bouzakas as the lead.

His experience in European racing is small. In the group stage he has only beaten in one match for the Europa League, the 2015-16 season (Tottenham Hotspur - 3-1). He also has two Champions League and 10 qualifying matches for the Europa League.

In total, it has arbitrated 280 games in Europe, Austria, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Poland. Of these seven are for the Super League in Switzerland, this season where 43 has yellow. Ten of them, on 20 / 10 on Zurich's 3-3 with Jung Boise.

Aroma of Greece got on 13 / 05 / 15 when it ruled France - Greece 3-0 for the Euro 2015 group stage at K17 level. On 23 / 7 / 2018 he whistled at the friendly men's Nationals with Egypt (1-0 with Karelis goal) in Zurich.