6 Point Paris ...


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# Highly effective at home Union runs 19 unbeaten match (24-6) 3b away. from direct rise ... steadily within the zone Inglost counts 2 loser defeats will fight for her salvation.

# Without a win in the 2019, Utrecht on the pitch nevertheless scores well, a key goal most of the time ... not a negligible amount of Groningen in the second round makes championship reinforced during the transfer period.

# 6Point match for Paris being the best defense in the 16 passive goal chase 4η table position ... non-aggressively except Tour in 5 outputs counts number of defeats.

# Home team champion Brest is at + 5 One of her pursuers runs unbeaten 10 racing, marginally in the ace ... at 31 points Valenciennes has a safety pad however it is difficult to keep a zero in defense.

# Coming to the draws, Werder seems to be in a good position to prove it, and in practice ... downhill Schalke loses 4 / 5 more recently issues in general.

# At 33 points both crowns the match ... strong in front of Bilbao's audience in no way "San Mamie" is a presumption ... without realizing danger Espanyol has definitely complemented 5 unbeaten match.

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Union Berlin - Ingolstadt
Paris - Niort
Brest - Valenciennes



Utrecht - Groningen
Werder Br. - Schalke
Bilbao - Espanyol

over 2,5
TG 2-3
goal / goal