8 unbeaten match ...


Here are the main options for Friday:

# From a diametrically opposite direction, the teams are the best in all lines, Lorian correctly and fairly owns 3η table position ... 4b. from the playoffs, Gazelle recently lost to Corsica from Auxerre (0-4).

# Ausser wins 8 unbeaten with Gazelle and Grenoble respectively (2-8) Has not conceded a goal in the 0 most recently outside ... Orlans third in the meeting to score.

# 6 series draws at 2018 finals Hoffenheim blocked in Champions League chasing exit to Europe ... at -6 top Bayern have a theme in general, traditionally pulling hard on this stadium.

# Good finish frequencies the pair of St. Truiden - Ghent image base both teams score inside out non-stop and consequently ... the first fate in the doubles follows over 2,5.

# Midway through the set of betting on Getafe and Alavez on the same straight the teams play without knowing the risk they will look for the result and whatever they want ... goals in the foreground.

# Time's Up The Rise for Palermo being 13 unbeaten match (9 wins 2 draws) inside yields maximum on the field ... Salernitana vulnerable defender has no luck in Sicily.

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Lorient - GFC Ajaccio
Auxerre - Orleans
Palermo - Salernitana



Hoffenheim - Bayern M.
St.Truiden - Genk
Getafe - Alaves

goal / goal
TG 2-3