Within football territory…

Things are clear. Yesterday's appearance of PAOK against Mars gave the loudest confirmation. The Greek teams are not for the Europeans. Their spell is limited to the border. Within football territory.

The champion AEK in the groups of the champions league suffered six defeats in six games. The cup winner PAOK in the europa league lost 5 of the six matches, the three in Toumba. Olympiakos reached the "32" and was excluded from the problematic and in a period of interruption of the Ukrainian championship Dynamo.

The facts speak for themselves. The Greek champion, both Greek and foreign, cannot afford to play twice a week. Yesterday PAOK… held forces for the rematch with Panionios, the day after tomorrow in Tuba. Do not exclude the winner of the first match of the Greek Cup 2017 and 2018.

In Greece, there is no such thing as Europe's competitive championships. "I pay you, professional footballer, cut your throat, give it your all in every game." Because this is what the PAE requires, this is what the platform likes and it is waiting for the channel that has bought the rights to the team.

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