Clearance on roster ...

Parisian coach Thomas Tuchel is preparing radical changes to the roster with the possibility of clearing players. The French newspaper "Le Parisien" reports that there is already a list of 10 players, which includes big names, which will hardly continue for the Parisians.

Paris Saint-Germain may have won the French league and are in the cup final, but their main goal this season has been lost. The exclusion from Manchester United in the "16" phase of the Champions League blew the bell for the Parisians.

At the top of that list is Gigi Buffon. His contract expires on 2019, but Paris has not yet activated its expansion clause and is unlikely to do so. Indeed, they are already making public appearances that want the 41-old goalkeeper to hang his gloves and return to Juventus in an administrative role.

This is the name of Dani Alves. As in the case of Buffon, the Brazilian's contract expires next summer. Alves does not have enough time to attend, he has complaints about his treatment of Paris, and he is in opposition to Calaife. Therefore, his departure would not be a surprise.

Edinson Cavani is in the club from 2013 and has a one-year contract. The Uruguayan has offered the Parisians the best, but has suffered some injuries this year. So the Paris administration is planning to sell him so that he will not be released next season. Thomas Tuchel agrees.

Scenarios for the departure of Thomas Menier have already been written by other media outside France. The Paris coach has not offered him a contract extension, so the Belgian in turn is looking for the next stage of his career. Manchester United is a possible destination with the Red Devils willing to pay 25.000.000 euros. In the same fate is Kurzawa, who is going to be sold by the Parisians for about the same money.

Julian Draxler probably won't go to Paris either. Tuchel doesn't seem to trust him and wants to give space to other players. This may trigger the exit of the German international whose contract expires 2021.

The definitive departure is that of Adrienne Rabio. His relationship with Paris has come to an end. The Frenchman had refused to sign a new contract and the Parisians sentenced him to a second-team penalty. According to Spanish media, Rabio is said to have already been booked in Barcelona.

This long list is complemented by Chupo-Moting, Noki and Nuku. Of the three players above, Paris Saint-Germain intends to put some money into her box office after selling them in the summer. Their transfers can earn at least 25.000.000 euros.