About us

Welcome to tipsmaker.net, a website that is wholly dedicated to tips and advice for football betting, a website that has been created from people that give their services to football wholeheartedly.

The tipsmaker.net panel is a team of people that have a lot of experience in football, either by being football players themselves or by being engaged with betting for a really long time. Our general philosophy and approach to betting is based on seeing both sides of the coin, based on facts, keeping ourselves away from personal preferences.

Everybody’s target at tipsmaker.net is to make money. We are not obsessed with betting, but this is the reason we are here for. Each and every one of us is making his choices and is totally responsible about them. Our job is to hand over to you these different opinions based on proved facts, statistics and analysis. The final judge of this effort is YOU, and YOU are going to be our endless source of energy and strength to keep doing this job.

The synthesis of our team is as follows:

Hacker:He is the general director of the website, specialized in figuring out whether the odds for certain kinds of bet do reflect certain real chances or not. He is also responsible for the Daily Match article.

Dealer:He is a Maths’ professor, specialized in singles-accepted and Over/Under 2.5 goals bets.

Ballander:Brilliant knowledge of football in the United Kingdom.

Master:His talent is spread on football throughout the world.

Bomber:He is up for the dangerous missions, ready to discover and hit on some great underdogs.

Leader:In charge of the editorial page.