Adrenaline and anxiety…


Hello my friends,

Unlike yesterday, tonight we have a few games for the Championship, but they promise a lot of adrenaline and ... anxiety.

Aston Villa and Nottingham Forrest may be in the same position at the moment as the home side are just three points back, but they have the advantage of home, as they come from three consecutive wins, unlike Nottingham Forrest, which, like every year, has had some ups and downs in its performance.

Ipswich may be in the bottom of the standings, but Bristol also appear to be in a very poor position as they have four consecutive defeats in the league. Thus, we expect to see a game with few phases and poor quality and it is unlikely that both teams will score four goals together.

A difficult home away for West Brom in Wales, opposite Swansea. The visitors are in better shape as they come from two consecutive wins, while Swansea are in the middle of the standings and also coming from a heavy defeat by Norwich at home to 1-4.


Aston V. - Nottingham
Ipswich - Bristol
Swansea - West Brom

Under 3.5