AEK v Panathinaikos…

Two of the top three attacks in the first eight games of this season's Super League clash at OAKA in the derby of the first division of the Greek Premier League.

The AEK of 17 goals is hosted by Panathinaikos, which has violated its opponents 14 times (PAOK has done so many times). The Union creates more finals than the "clover" - it is the second overall behind Olympiakos - but Panathinaikos is more efficient.

In fact, the "greens" not only surpass the "yellow-blacks" in the category "goals / final efforts", but also the other 14 teams. Panathinaikos is the most effective team in the league based on the opportunities it creates.

Saturday derby guests (3 / 11) shoot more times than the hosts both inside (more) and outside the area, and more passes have been changed. They have, however, made fewer mistakes.

The beams have deprived "Dikefalos" most of the time (7) of any other team in the Super League the opportunity to score goals, instead of the three "clover".

The two rivals for the 9 races are with Olympiacos the teams that have received the fewest yellow cards in the first eight games, but none red.

Panathinaikos has (along with Xanthi) the most penalty kicks (3), with only one whistling in favor of AEK.

Let's see what happens on an individual level! Tasos Bakassetas, who will not compete, is first in the off-field championship (17) and second is Yiannis Bouzoukis (13).