This is the ball ...

Russia will take the world! Who says this; The only one who has the right to say it. Who; And if Russia does not raise the pot, it will at least reach the final. Who says that? The fucker.

The eternal asshole. Some millions of Russians with 5-0 in the premiere of the project discovered the only hope. "The team also took out Putans in your beds, women in your children, let's not jump on you and find all your health."

Who is the eternal damnation? The eternal damnations. The NO1 power of humanity. Never overlooked by any daraberite. Politician, journalist, buccaneer, patriarch, pope, artist, businessman, whoever addresses the populo, definitely takes into account the supreme truth of the universe. With the biggest lie in the mouth. It won't say "the fucker the world". No, never that. It will say "the giant people". The sovereign people. The pure. The unjust. Such shawls.

On the subject. Old guys are Russian football players, some with talented goalkeepers, gymnastics, dopers, loud presses on the pitch, all anti-communists. And the mobster Putin has made his concessions to the firefighters. But all this is not enough to make Russia even an outsider.

The softball graduate, the irrelevant irrelevant, the Russian patriot, and in football, saluted with a five-footer in Saudi Arabia. "Let's go get it" "We have a team", such a deaf. And it's not just the Russian. The non-Russian also snaps. Every ... cunning smell of profit.

What to do? This is not a hoax. He's doing his job. He wants to stay, not go to jail. Diversify odds in favor of Russia to milk bets. Because it bets on impressions made after 5-0. And in view of his second group match. They win Russia, Uruguay and go to the "16".

Low-flying team Russia. But here, with the beers of Allah, he threw chips into the eyes. We judge not only football, but also gambling. One approach, the other. Which means, what?

We saw what we saw in Russia's 5-0. Probably then the team will do something that "has" it and does not know it, and in the final it would not work out if it did not crash with the specific Saudis.

This is the ball. Unbelievable to see the same team face from game to game. If Russia plays again in two days with Saudi Arabia, we will see another match. And it will pop another result.

Conclusion. Along the way, Russia will show us its weaknesses and hide them. Even to extend capabilities unchecked by itself. Why; The mood of the world should be taken for granted. Push the platform. And the arbitrariness of arbitration to go silent.