12 / 06 / 19 - 19061206 - SFA HAMPDEN PARK - GLASGOW The official Euro 2020 football

Hugs will pass ... (FUND - 4,00)


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# Hug will move to the final England and Czech Republic (from 9 and 12 points each) are in good mood aggressively with an easy goal will go into the open field and whatever he wanted ... first chance in the double.

# Iceland has taken "teeth" in Turkey and Albania but Iceland does not have the quality to go down in the competition ... the group favorite France does not have to scramble too much, they will look for three-pronged reasons.

# Without a tie in the last 5 match between Turkey and Albania (3-0-2) the imbalance of the odds set ... a single match in Istanbul has suspended the project.

# 2η on the table Sports Recife (1 defeat in 10 matches) comes from positive looks scoring 2 + one per match ... inside the zone Sao Bendo will go tight for the result.

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Czech Republic - England
Iceland - France
Sport Recife - Sao Bento

goal / goal


Turkey - Albania