Alcorcon win …

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Lost in the first place our National failed to cover the score of 2 goals against the Finns … anyway victory and the 2 x 2 will seek today against Estonia possibly half-time.

Let’s go to the main points of Sunday:

# The rematch for the lost semifinals of the World Cup in Russia will be looking for England as it only wants a victory in order to regain its audience in the first place and Croatia scores systematically away from home.

# Better middleware Albacete is coming from an undefeated run in its last 8 home games in its last 6 games in its last game in the league. …bad momentum for Lugo is scored inside out not earning the 4 most recent.

# With an increased probability of verification, Alcorcon has suffered 5 consecutive wins in its last 9/10 draws … back from the ball Elche has absences hard to threaten.

# The wonder of the Switzerland want only a win with at least 2 goals difference in order to get to the next stage of the event … a click on consistency and quality Belgium builds tradition (3 consecutive wins regardless of seat and organizer) plays for two results undoubtedly has locked the first in the group.

# Sao Paulo the team with the most draws in the category (14) has a seat, motivation and tradition … equally competitive total Cruzeiro with 3/4 wins chasing qualifiers Libertadores.

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November 18 - Tips


Alcorcon – Elche
Switzerland – Belgium
Sao Paulo – Cruzeiro

TG 2-3


England – Croatia
Albacete – Lugo
Switzerland – Belgium

under 2,5
goal / goal