Desert fox…


Let's go to Sunday's top picks:

# First semi-final of the African Nations Cup knockout match. Mane's goal at 70 sent Senegal to 4ada however today the tide is changing ... Tunisia's most read team didn't reach the semifinals by chance, certainly not the underdog of the match.

# Second semi-final of the African Cup knockout match. Fox of the desert Algeria paid us a few times running unbeaten 11 series official and friendly counts 4 wins and 1 draw in 5 matches in tournament with 10-1 final score one day more rest will look for the goal from the locker room.

# Marienkhamn's victory over Ravniemi is not only a change of psychology but it is a change of balance and data ... model to avoid, Kokolan Palovecko has the worst defense in the class and will therefore suffer the consequences.


Mariehamn - KPV
Senegal - Tunisia
Algeria - Nigeria


10011.39Stoiximan-100 qualifying.