Other seasons then…

Have an opinion. That's what a journalist will say. To make political, social interference with his positions, with his proposals. Such was the director of the French newspaper L 'Equipe, Gabriel Ano. You tell me it was other times then. Nothing was limited to the role of the viewer, the reader, the user, and he did not dig a nose like an infected cat to make his comment. I'm here too.

Former footballer and sports editor Gabriel Ano of 1934 had the idea of ​​internationalizing football, with a European event. The teams play in their national championships, why not the best of each country?

Until the mid-50s, a cup with the teams of Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, the "Latin Cup" was unreliable, unreliable. Gabriel Ano returned in 1953, with the proposal to hold the "cup" with the champion teams of Europe.

The war is over. People want to forget the war. The plane is increasingly becoming a means of transportation internationally. The first championship cup is an event with the participation of 16 teams, the 1955-56 period, which from 1992 has evolved into the league championship. On September 4, 1955 became the first in the history of the Champions League, Sporting Lisbon-Partizan Belgrade.

Gabriel Ano, who died at 1968, as of today at 10 August, had taken Honvad Budapest back, for some of the greatest team of all time, on her Western European tour. Watching the Hungarian team then wrote to Hipp: "Europe's time has come!".

Pucca's Honvend and the other gamblers, you write their names and shudder, Kocic, Bozik, Chibor, Grossic, Lorent, Handeguti ...

Real won the first 5 European Championships. Benfica then took two and were followed by three cups by the Italian teams, Inter and Milan. England, the football generator, as expected, snapped the European Cup and was absent from the first event.

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