Mixed this time ...


Hello my friends,

We're going to be mixed Sunday, as there's a Premier League game between Arsenal and Southampton.

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We start with this first Hamilton game with the Rangers. Lunch, though, is a clear favorite, and of course Rangers, which is in second place and second in the standings and is naturally the favorite for the race, with the guests in second place and the home side in the second place. before last and specifically five points from the bottom of the league standings.

In the next game we go to Arsenal with Southampton, where the hosts are the absolute favorite, as they are in fifth place with 50 points, while the guests are in the relegation zone and 18 in almost half way points and specifically with 24. I believe that the home team will have no problem and will be able to win big.

Celtic may have plenty of absences, but it is not expected to be particularly difficult for Motherwell, who may have some success, but Celtic will find its… teacher, let alone when he is away.

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Hamilton - Rangers
Arsenal - Southampton
Celtic - Motherwell

1 & Over 2.5
1% Over 2.5