Renewed for two years…

A month is approaching since we were discussing the Messi-Barça issue in this very corner. And I took a clear position AGAINST Argentina's stay in the Blaugrana. "In a desperate move for administrative survival, Bartomeu kept Messi, he put on the blue shirts he had said he would not wear again and life went on. But did it really continue? ” This was the central question that now, in the light of recent developments, has an answer. Bartomeu kept Messi in the team badly and he only managed to delay for a year the rebirth and the detachment from the obviously heavy legacy left by the "era of the short". And now Bartomeu has been out of action for a month now, but his wrong decisions will haunt Barcelona until the end of the season at least.

It turns out from the fact that Messi should have left with the punches in the summer and Bartomeu's decision was catastrophic. His racing presence? It can't be bad, of course. He is average. But based on what it can offer, what space does their file occupy in the blue-red budget cabinet? The fraction of the two factors is not exponentially positive like the previous ones. The attack of a Barça employee is absolutely typical, as he transmits it in the magazine "FourFourTwo" and he does not hide that: "We were shocked when we heard that he would stay. In order for the team to succeed, big cuts had to be made, just to pay his salaries! We love him, we honor him for what he has done for the team, but we also love our families and we have to live them ".

Now Leo who is left with the stall is present and threatens again openly that he will leave, spoils the climate of the Catalans with statements like the day before yesterday: "I am tired of always being the problem for everything in Barça. In addition, after 15 hours of flight, I fall on the Tax Office ". And this time no one can claim that Bartomeu is to blame, simply because Bartomeu has been a thing of the past for 20 days!

Things are simple. Messi is finished from the Camp Nou. And the sooner the people of Barça decide, the better for the club. Because, as "Ringo" used to say (one is), "the monastery should be fine". And there is a redeemer. Pep Guradiola renewed a few days ago in City and the reports from "Emirates" say that the Petroleum is preparing a mammoth proposal in January. Its sale will also be beneficial for Barcelona. A win-win situation. And now there is no Bartomeu with the stupid  his strategy to climb the deal. Messi will dance and everyone will be happy.