Upset balances…


Directly to the juice:

# Koufeto, Troyes made it "3 to 3" inside, keeping its home intact, 3 points away from the top; Valenciennes does not score even with a request away from its base.

# The catalytic presence of Boloni in the locker rooms of Panathinaikos upsets balances and data, hence the set of odds; Volos "gritted its teeth" with Lamia and Giannina bit the six hard to continue at the same pace.

# Lazio gained momentum and psychology achieved a great victory over Dortmund in the Champions League (3-1) will run to cover the lost ground… home team Bologna in 4 exits counts an equal number of defeats with zero liabilities.

# Unbeknownst to the danger, the pair Heerenveen - Emen are not far from the teams, they will go out on the open field and whatever he wanted to happen… it is a matter of time before the goals from there.

# Atletico M. follows a heavy schedule, ate a 4 ball from Bayern to still recover… underdog due to tradition Betis is not an easy opponent, has Pellegrini on the edge of the bench.

# Traditional customer Santa Clara (0-1-4 at home) difficult to threaten in the current phase; staff Sporting with a quick transition scores 2 goals per game.


Troyes - Valenciennes
Panathinaikos - Volos
Lazio - Bologna


1004.61Stoiximan-100 qualifying.

Santa Clara - Sporting CP
Heerenveen - Emmen
Atletico M. - Betis

goal / goal
TG 2-3

1006.26Stoiximan-100 qualifying.