Lack of δ adrenaline!

Do you remember him? Nicklas Bendner, the other Arsenal striker? The Danish tall striker made a shocking confession and revealed what happened the night that changed him as a person. When, he says, he managed to get rid of his gambling addiction!

Many problems with gambling Bendner and gave an interview a few days ago where he admitted that he lost about 6 million euros playing poker! You read well. He says, he says, the greatest Dane lost 6 million on paper and realized that he has an issue with gambling. He did not take it lightly at the 2-3 million, he had to first lose the budget of a well-to-do municipality in order to realize it. And the reasons that led him to the casino tables to scatter the thousands, was because Mr. Bendner was looking for the adrenaline. "When I had a lot of injuries I could not find that exciting feeling of playing in front of 60.000 people," says the Dane, and to solve this problem he ate them in casinos. His troubled character was not to blame for his deprived childhood and any oppression by his family. The lack of adrenaline and football were to blame. When you get injured you run to the casinos to eat them in the blackjack. Everyone knows that.

"In one night I lost .400.000 20.000, but in the end I managed to win back the most and eventually lost 1. I felt bad, but when I got home I knew the big gambling nights were over. "I did not want to be another footballer who lost all his money and did not use his mind," said Bendner, and the felons wept. Because he is not "yet another footballer" but the sample of a footballer who destroys himself. Because Bendner after 2-XNUMX seasons at Arsenal for the only thing that has been distinguished is self-destruction. from gambling to drinking. And from maneuvers and fights with coaches, to prison.

Yes, prison. Because Bendner who "did not want to become another…" has done the lice because he crippled a taxi driver in the woods. He was playing in Rosenborg, he kicked and went to Denmark to see the chick, they went together and drank them and at the kick-off Niklas grabbed the taxi driver, loaded him with maps and sentenced him to prison. And they sent him away from Rosenborg after a while. And now he plays in a 4th category team, the Danish Turnby of our coach Timo Adrakta. This is Niklas. Years; 32.