Elevated psychologically…


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# League team Empoli has run 1 defeat in the last 12 (9-2-1 officially and friendly) has comfort in scoring gives football claims… "sheep for slaughter" accepts goals with the sack moves inversely.

# Riding on a horse, Halmstad (8 consecutive victories, pp. 27-3) "locked" the ascent, wants to cut the thread first; on the play-out zone, Ergrete will fight for her salvation.

# Barbato underdog Sassuolo is running the tradition in its favor (6-2-2 regardless of home) comes from strong appearances reached 8 matches undefeated… heavy atmosphere in the locker room of Inter - after the defeat by Real the qualification to the "16" Champions League - you need to recover immediately.

# Unrealistic prices in Valencia have eruptions can turn the project upside down… Great Wall Atletico's defense in 8 matches has been violated only 2 times, without a classic center for first chance at under 2,5.

# Psychologically elevated B.aigekano shows in good condition easily or will hardly reach the desired… best attack in the category Cartagena (17 goals asset) counts 4 consecutive defeats has the third reason in the match.

# Without a victory in the championship, Huesca (8/9 under) will go regularly for the result ρή constant value Sevilla bitten "double" paid us in the match with Krasnodar will do the same today.

# In the second round, Santa Clara has a hard time overtaking, a traditional player loses with his hands down; Porto lost ground, "passed" with a clear victory from Marseille, is at -6 from the top, playing inside out for the victory.

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Empoli - Vicenza Virtus
Vallecano - Cartagena
Santa Clara - Porto


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Sassuolo - Inter
Valencia - Atletico M.
Huesca - Seville

goal / goal
during 2,5

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