The degree of difficulty goes up ...


CL qualifying phase 3th round ... act first.

Summarizing today's options:

# Comfortable passage of PAOK from Basel (0-3) left no room for the Swiss to react, has consistency and homogeneity in his game however today he has a difficult task as the difficulty rises (he has never won a team from Russia). Extremely aggressive Spartak M. comes to Tuba ready with no fans but determined to win what this entails. whoever qualifies will play the majority with the winner from the Benfica-Fenner pair.

# Celtic in a racing orgasmhome runs - turns over Rosenborg hurdles counts 4 wins at institution (xNUMX-12) .. today's first official game for AEK did not particularly impress in the friendly preparations will go for the positive result and wanted. whoever qualifies will most likely play the winner of the Malme - Videoton pair.


PAOK - Spartak M.
Celtic - AEK Athens