No serious basis…

Is the curse of chasing your fate real or not? Is punishing the arrogant or the miserable or the weeping and the grumbling a reality or is it just moving on the verge of the supernatural, the popular delusion? Is there a bad aura and the provocation of everyone's fate when it is useless and only to justify any uncomfortable situation that makes everyone shudder and murmur? Even if you do not believe any of all this, if you consider them as prejudices and baseless nonsense of the lower popular strata of the Greek province, does Vangelis Marinakis make you wonder, Rebass and?

Chastity and exaggeration characterize the strong man of the Olympics for hours. He has built a European team. End. Do not be fooled and go blind. It does not escape anymore, Olympiacos has escaped. Transfers of good players, sales of millions, continuous presence in the spring in the European knockouts. It's there anyway. He has not gone too far, but he has made the transition from mediocrity to the European family. Temporarily or permanently? It remains to be seen, but it is there now that we are talking. And it is at least inelegant, not to mention graphic and for laughs, for the boss of a team of the European family to come out, to cry for a penalty, for a foul, for a card and an offside. Talk about altering the result. 

We will not examine whether he was really right Marinakis, which he did NOT have. However, City played Olympiakos 90-10 and even if Vangelis was right about the phase that Vangelis was talking about, you do not say that the result was altered. It is inelegant, my child, and it is intended only for the ears of your fans, it does not intend in the organization, in the football of the family you entered. Only removes. UEFA is not a super league and EPO, it is not "the three of us in the cafe, cigarette, prefa and coffee and you are not bored bro". Going out crying and doing your part is unusual. No one else does. And you become the fly in the milk. You stand out negatively.

Against Marseille obviously Olympiakos could have gotten a better result. Even double. Did the crying and misery that Marinakis brought out have any effect? It would be an exaggeration to say yes, for sure. It would be a pity to put my number wide with confidence that, no. It is possible that in Greece everyone is used to statements on statements of crying and misery, that no one pays attention to another whining, but in Europe, in UEFA they do not know it. And this outburst of Marinakis sounds somewhat, insanely and excessively, when in fact it does not have a serious basis, it lacks a basis. Which again would be an exaggeration, but completely another is an exaggeration with a cause and another a completely unnecessary outburst.

Ο Olympic was wronged in Marseille. Let us be clear. But to say figs figs and boats boats, Olympiacos is first and foremost wronged by its own boss. He is wronged by the very impropriety of his major shareholder, who does not mean to understand that he is not playing in Kolopetinitsa but at European level his ball. And it fails to adapt to the demands and seriousness imposed on the case. Thus degrading his team, the product and of course himself. As never before? Only he knows and probably his -bad- advisors. Instead of warning him, they let him expose and expose the club. Which is the worst of it all? Because every Marinakis comes and goes. Olympiacos stays. Ή as Ringo once said (one is), the monastery to be 'well' by nuns….