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English and Scottish origin today's games pay extremely well
Brighton - Tottenham Hotspur Over 2,5
Tottenham's playing behavior in combination with its defensive shortcomings in the last few games, and the absence of stress from the home side can also bring in a score higher than Over 2.5, though Over 3,5 is not excluded, although we prefer safety.
Nottingham-Bradford 1 DNB
Nottingham is increasingly improving, accumulating 4 points in the last two difficult games and is called upon to capitalize on its traditionally strong home base. Bradford has the potential, but he still hasn't got it out on the grass.
Port Vale - Morecambe G / G
The home team is superior, but Morkam has proven for years that it does not "chew" from difficult opponents and unbeaten seats. Even against it, her outing to Vail Park raises her, but the biscuit is just as efficient, but also safe.
Motherwell - St Mirren G / G
Forced to play St Mirren, he worked on exactly that part of his midweek game, with the home side being a reliable defender.
Party East - Queen of the South 1
It's not even the most threatening away team KOS, equally, has not yet won, 0-1-2 its record and has not even scored. On the other hand, Partik has improved with the new manager on the bench, the ace is in top form and is coming up.
Brechin - East Stirling 1 DNB
Better for Brechin, paradoxically being a clean outsider on the pitch with a modest home opponent, such as Stirling who is still an improved player, but away from her husband she has no victory and only has one goal in action.
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Brighton - Tottenham
Nottingham - Bradford
Port Vale - Morcambe

O 2,5
G / G


Motherwell - St. Mirren
Patrick Thistle - Oueen of the South
Breaching - Sterling Albion

G / G