Qualification open ...

Rolf Fringer did not see ... Basel with Fry transformed on her bench, she rang the bell for the crazy 2 part of the Swiss, but favored PAOK! Rafael Vicky paid for bad performances in championships and Europe, but Fry couldn't change her ... psychology. Does PAOK have the upper hand? Can Basel change radically in a week? Former Swiss Coach of the Biceps of the North Rolf Fringer talks about the repeat race at St. Jacobs-Park.

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Ta your conclusions from the first game in tuba in view of reman?
"I think the game went up and down like I expected it to be, a bit of a split. Basel did better, losing two classic opportunities. PAOK balanced but in the second half was better. He scored two goals and could have gotten a better result than 2-1. Qualification is now open, I'm sure the repeat game will be open. Importantly, Basel's downsizing has come down hard in qualifying. 2-0 would be a completely different outcome. "

The scenarios existed, but no one expected a technician change before the iteration!
"Believe me it was something unusual, the truth is I didn't expect it. For the Swiss it is very rare, let alone Basel. A team with a shot, giving time to the coach. You have this more in Greece, the change of coaches. I didn't expect this to happen immediately and especially before the iteration. Now on the bench, Fry, who is against Xamax, has made changes to the system, but also to personnel. ».

Why did Basel do it now and not after the match with PAOK?
"The coach who started a season ended it, so it was for years in Basel. There was a plan, a philosophy. This coach was given time last year. It may not have been the title, but there was some support, but the results were not ideal. The management was not satisfied with the start of preparation, the image of the team in the friendly and the many defeats. Together with the defeat at the premiere and in Thessaloniki, they made the decision to cooperate »

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Have you seen any… transformation with Xamax?
"I thought all this would work out well. The players will be motivated to prove what they are worth to the new coach. Defensively improved, it created more phases, but I expected more. I didn't see the excitement of winning. Of course, PAOK will find a completely different Kingdom. It is now a team with a European dna and management has said that clubs are the big target. "

Does PAOK have the upper hand?
"PAOK now seems to have the avant-garde. It is more controlled racing and has stability over Basel. A… last year Basel as we have it in mind in good mid-attack situation can get the match. But as things are now PAOK can take advantage of their problems and… with a win in the first game to move on to the next phase. Basel has lost a lot compared to last year ... "

What does PAOK need to do to qualify?
"The 2nd part will be decisive. Always in this part, Basel brings out a better and more serious image. We also saw with PAOK that while they lost, they found a way to score and claim a draw at the end. However, it is difficult to make clear estimates. He hasn't convinced me. "

If you were to make a forecast for rematch?
"If PAOK is firm in its defensive approach and operation it will be able to threaten Basel. I'm sure about that. Although his opponent has been better defensively, he still has a lot of issues ... He needs seriousness if he has the chance to do it. "

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