Superior Gaming ... (FUND - 3,54)


Let's go to Sunday's choices:

The game ... comes alive with 5% bonus * to Superleague and back to Serie A!

# Elevator Lucerne's performance is generally confused, though 6 has recently celebrated 4 times scoring 14 goals ... in the press Basel has narrowed the margins wanting to win at all costs.

# Record for Fenlo's 3 wins in front of the public has only lost to Ajax 2 goals scored + 5 goal less than one race ... Alkmaar comes from strong performances Europe runs 3 without a win in the league

# At -4 since Vitoria has not won the last 7 hard to keep up in the category ... punctually superior in quality and experience Grammy builds tradition scoring on 3 latest visits to Salvador Chasing 4 rankings.

# The team with the lowest budget in the class listens to Alcorcon - made for salvation - has surpassed any previous sensationally completed 4 series of victories playing with winning psychology ... here Zaragoza accepts the goal with great ease.

# Amian pressed in with limited momentum Scoring counts 5 / 6 over inside… on a physiological level Marseille's double (5 / 6 over outside) has already been ruled out in the Europa League groups and will shed weight in the league.

# All the lights on tonight's superb classic Riviera P. - Boca Juniors, offensive nature will come out on the field and whatever he wants to do. the away goals do not count in this case so in the event of a tie the match is prolonged and possibly on penalties ... late work will come.


Luzern - Basel
Vitoria - Gremio
Amiens - Marseille



VVV-Venlo - Alkmaar
Alcorcon - Zaragoza
River P. - Boca J. (post.)

goal / goal