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Champions League 3th qualifying round ... first match.

Let's go to the basic options:

# Unbeaten finish the championship PAOK made 1ο dumbbell in his story will look for a positive result in the face of a difficult rematch in the Netherlands, generally in European level matches turns out to be a complex… senior Ajax last year took their IDs, watches, passports and briefs while on 10 second Champions League final. On the basis of a dynamic name and performance, we close to the right of the endings.

# Dinamo Z.'s Super Report Officially Counts 6-0-0 (xNUMX-15) Has Defensive Concrete Has Only Accepted 1 Goals In These Games ... Undefeated this year at Ferencvaros.

# Nature Offensive Clubs Bruges and Dynamo Kyiv Highlights are in great condition Score 2 goals per match ... Goal and spectacle favorite over 2,5.

# Serbs perform well in institution running 5-3-1 (xNUMX-13)
they do not need to be particularly rubbish they will clean it up in a concise manner… Equally competitive across borders Copenhagen has started the season strong (5 series wins) while in recent years it has consistently given it to European competitions.


PAOK - Ajax
Club Brugge - Dynamo K.
Crvena Z. - Koebenhavn

TG 2-3
goal / goal