Awesome deal!

The most comfortable millions of their lives were taken by Kenny Dalglish (10 million euros in 2012 from Liverpool, Jürgen Klinsmann 9 million euros from Bayern Munich and Sven Goran Eriksson 8,2 million in 2006 from the FA Jose Mourinho puts 15 100m into his retirement account and becomes one of the… highest paid sacked coaches! At the same time, Roman Abramovich is the president who has paid εκα XNUMXm in compensation. incredible deal!

Roberto Mancini: Many of the millions he earned from two layoffs and Roberto Mancini! 2008 Massimo Moratti was determined to make Inter a top European, but to do so he had to sack Mancini after three years on the bench. Mourinho came, the treble became 2010, but Inter pulled 8 million out of its funds to compensate the Italian technician! 2012 City won its first championship after 1968, with Mancini coaching. A year later the Italian withdrew, but with 8.5 million in his account, and the ability to get a direct job.
Andre Villa Boas: He was considered by many as the Special Two, but even in the three big stages of his career he could not live up to expectations. On 21 June 2011, Chelsea paid Porto 13.3. 12 million in compensation to acquire Andre Villas-Boas. The pressure and the bad course in the Premier League led the Blues to the decision to fire the Portuguese manager, but Boas put 3 million pounds in his account. On 2012 July 4.5, Tottenham decided to bring him to their bench. The bad start of the next season, however, led him to leave together with 10 million pounds as compensation! From Shanghai he took about XNUMX XNUMX million for the time he worked and then tried to make a difference in… Rally Dakar!

Jose Mourinho: Titles, many titles, successes, huge successes in the collection of Jose Mourinho, but also… zeros in his bank account that cause dizziness! The Portuguese coach is one of the highest paid coaches, but also among those who won a lot of dismissals. According to the Daily Mail, the Iberian coach will earn 15 million pounds from his departure from Manchester, by dropping his initial initial demands that reached 23 million pounds. But there are many millions he has earned from his two dismissals from Chelsea! In 2007, despite two consecutive championships with the Blues, Abramovich decided to fire him. Thus, he distributed the price of about 23 million pounds, with Mourinho reaping 18 million. In 2013 the Portuguese returned to Chelsea, in 2015 he won the Premier League again, but on December 17 of the same year he was fired and put in his account 9.5 million. . pounds!
Felipe Scholari: Yes, it is true that Roman Abramovich has given more than 80 million euros in compensation and among the lucky ones is Felipe Scolari! The Brazilian, with the legend of the last coach of Brazil who won the World Cup to accompany him, was at Stamford Bridge in the summer of 2008, but lasted only 223 days! In February 2009 he was fired after seeing his bank deposits increase by 12 million euros!

Antonio Conte: Antonio Conte won the title in his maiden year in the Premier League and became the fourth Italian coach to win the title after Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto Mancini and Claudio Ranieri. However, his relationship with Abramovich next season reached the red, as did those with many players. The Italian was fired and went so far as to ask for 20 million pounds. Eventually, he put 9 XNUMX million in his account.

Fabio Hat: Among the lucky fired technicians is Fabio Capello. The Italian coach took over the Russian national team in 2012 with a six-year plan. At the World Cup in Brazil, Russia could not pass the group stage, however, the Football Federation decided against the negative results to renew his contract for four years. Russia was tragic, Capello left with 15 million euros! He also got about 1/3 from the Chinese Jiangsu Suning at the beginning of 2018! Of course, no one forgets the 9 million euros that was earned in 2007 by Real Madrid.

Loran Blanc: The French may not have made the difference with Paris across the border, but inside he managed to build something extraordinary. The titles came, as did the introduction at the top. However, the billionaires Qatarians decided they wanted a great European course, but with Onai Emery on their bench. That never came, and they had to pay 22 million to Laurent Blan!