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Let's go to Saturday's top picks:

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# On the contrary, the course of the teams leaves no room for relaxation. Valencia has the worst attack in the category, has lost ground, needs immediate points ... in top condition Sevilla counts 1 defeat at 10 last in all competitions in the middle of the week has a European game. Narrowly de facto (from 4 / 5 under each) it's hard to get away with scoring.

# Against current and prognostications Cagliari ageless inside Sardinia runs 2-4-0 (pcs 7-4) has no staying issues ... Roma have cleared qualification for next phase of Chamonix League X chase .

# Timing headquarters and tradition give comparative lead to Villarreal (1 defeat in 8 races at all competitions) found pressing will take it at an accelerated pace ... in the offseason Telt loses 2 endlessly unleashing weaknesses.

# Limited-range team Tondela is making a generous effort to fight to stay in the category ... a click on all the lines Braga is at -3 off the top at this year's 17 games he has just been defeated.

# Full-back for six-point Rennes (2 defeats in 9 matches) comes from a psychological victory in Lyon and even without a goal ... Dijon's third goal in the last 3 matches at this stadium has eaten 8 goals.

# 5-0-1 This year's Espanyol report on Kornegia has been level playing with increased odds ... quality, experience and tradition converge on the side of Barcelona with triple ambassador Dembele - Suarez.


Villarreal - Celta
Tondela - Braga
Rennes - Dijon



Valencia - Sevilla
Cagliari - Rome
Espanyol - Barcelona

TG 2-3
goal / goal