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Novibet: 100% next to the player

# Across the zone, Tenerife completed the 8 match in the undefeated Canary Islands with 15 / 9 losing easily and is unlikely to snap the three-pointer ... with 6 defeats in 7 with the first X exits.

# With a winning psychology, Vallecano got up and is in a recovery phase coming from 3 consecutive three-pointers ... in good condition Sociedad caught 6ada (4 matchless) has the backdrop to score.

# In the winning momentum AEK has not conceded a goal in 6 last in all competitions comes from double psychology in Zosimades ... fair underdog Asteras T. started the year with 2 scoreless defeats and 6 passive goals.

# Bordeaux runs 3 unbeaten home away match (1 defeat in 8 matches) will clear it even with half a goal ... in the relegation squad Dijon plays defensively in 16 1 times.

# Napoli's Carabinieri favorite undoubtedly has the first floor in San Paulo (8-2-0 Terra23-6) abstaining 8b. from the top chasing 2η - 3η table placement ... Lazio midfield dangerously out against the bigs but has players looking at the net.

# Effective in front of its audience, Pescara (7-1-1 pcs. 15-7) has a quality scoring consistently chasing a raise ... behind the ball Cremoneze has no issue at present.

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Tenerife - Gimnastic
AEK Athens - Asteras Tr.
Pescara - Cremonese



Vallecano - Sociedad
Bordeaux - Dijon
Naples - Lazio

goal / goal
over 2,5