From a position of power…


Vaccines in France and Italy…

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# From a position of strength Brest, being a better team, moves marginally in the zone in the measures of the opponent… irreversible the climate in Dijon (8 consecutive defeats) prepares plans for the next category.

# Favorite of all the bands, Lyon -regardless of tradition- has no room for losses, is 3 points away from the top, chasing a title in the Champions League;

# At market prices, the Milan ace will take it at an acquired speed; in the middle of nowhere, Udinese has caught the goal of staying a multi-star tourism destination.

# In the pits, Strasbourg hardly threatens to maintain a safety distance of 5b. from the zone… koufeto Monaco in the second round did not climb anywhere, hopefully closed 13 matches undefeated in the league and cup gives claims football.

# In a good moon, Montpellier comes from a dream of positive results (6 matches undefeated) maintains the tradition in its favor… opens the games Lorian brings over 2,5 scores in 7/13 outside.

# Lille started to make water (1 victory in 4 matches) counts 3 consecutive unders within difficult to keep at the top of the table… dangerous outsider Marseille does not spoil the undefeated streak has risen psychologically the 5th goal.

Off the record…. in cup matches first luck in their victories LASK Lincer, Anderlecht, Barcelona and Porto.


Brest - Dijon
Montpelier - Lorient
Strasbourg - Monaco



Lyon - Rennes
Milan - Undinese
Lille - Marseille

TG 2-3
during 2.5