From Belarus with love…


Minsk Minsk - Dinamo Minsk

We have a derby in the Belarusian capital with 2 teams in diametrically opposite momentum. On the one hand FC was very strong in the championship, beating Belinsina 3-1 away despite losing early in the match. On the other hand, Dinamo Minsk is not on a good moon, and this was evident in the premiere in which it lost 1-0 at home to the much weaker - roster - Ruck Brest. Dinamo has traditionally been victorious from the headquarters of FC but this time with the picture showing I think it will not be an easy task for a team that throws fires. I'm not gonna deal with the point, after all, it's a derby. But I will deal with the G / G that is offered at quite satisfactory yields.

Slavia Mozyr - Bathe

Slavia took the lead at Slackk's headquarters but then made it 3-1. She showed a lack of temper and defensive gaps while not even showing for a moment the image she had in her last friendships. In a similar situation, Bate, who was knocked to the bottom of the bottom Energy 3-1. But it has the most expensive Transfermarkt-based router in Belarus and this fight is all it takes to get answers and get a reaction. The double at 1.46 says nothing and I think we have to bet on a Bate win from halftime that clearly boosts our performance and has a pretty good chance of verifying if we judge by the quality of both teams on the grass. Double Double So Half Time.

Neumann - Vitebsk

Neumann made it to the friendly and made it to the premiere against Isloch where he lost 1-0. Gaps in the defense and lack of imagination in the attack is the image of the home side, but we expect the reaction against the completely unbalanced Vitebsk so far, which despite winning 1-0 at the Goronteia premiere, showed to its fans what it was all about. A fairly balanced set between the two teams that have roster equivalents and up and down have the same potential. I find the doublet quite satisfying.


Slavia Mozyr - Bate
FK Minsk - Dynamo Mins
Neman - Vitsbek

G / G
G / G