Tangible writing samples ...


Let's go to Saturday's top picks:

# At a safe distance from the danger zone, Sirouis usually loses the locker room… at market prices the double AIK is at -2 from the top chasing championship in Sweden.

# With tangible writing samples at the Sudamericana, Colonel Santa Fe - finished in the quarterfinals - in her stadium knows how to get results ... Patronato will look for a lifeline this year too.

# In orbit New England is moving up the table touching the 10 unbeaten match coming from 2 series wins with a total score of 6-0 ... 1 win at 5 outings Orlando is looking to find.

# New York's full attack is 2η Eastern Suburbs' most prolific team scores as training ... against Kansas tradition and prognosis at this stage is hard to come by.

# Through the Dallas and Salt Lake scorecards on the same straight lines, the crown teams of the match ... both have backgrounds to score at least once in the match.

# The chances of winning in Portland - Los Angeles are inversely proportional to the odds set ... here the goals are loud and they pay dearly.

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Sirius - AIK
Colon - Patronato
New England - Orlando



New York - Columbus
FC Dallas - Salt Lake
Portland - LA Galaxy

goal / goal
over 2,5