Slow and boring ...

The Greek football players are in the plate. Fingers are measured properly. Yes, one of the main causes and football in the local league is both slow and boring. Compared to what we watch abroad. The pace of even the mid-game matches in Germany, France, Italy, Spain is much different in England.

My animals slower.

You get depressed when you see a premier cap game ... super league. Sure. Super is called the championship in Greece. And our juggernaut, this year they made the number two, the superlink 2. To play football my animals slower. And they said, this has to do with the level of fitness of the players, which is for the festivals.

As is the case with festivals, anyone who thinks footballers are marathon runners. That it arrives and is left to have spoilers and not lose turns after a half hour running. Nothing to do with. But this and the other may be unprofessional of laziness and lunacy or mistake trained by indecency.

Consider the other.

Another plan is the workout, the training program, a simple scenario made from basketball in the past, with the blindfold in football. Other needs and requirements of the ball, others of the champion in tennis, triathlon, rowing, boxing, etc.

The other. Because in football everything is judged, to a great extent, on the detail. In the details. The striker needs different training eg. from the stepper. Other muscles work the cutter, but the extremes press. That is why e.g. the soccer player, the basketball player, the player who wants to be distinguished outside the neighborhood of Elladitsa, makes sure to do individual training. Beyond that with his team. Even if his teammate's job is reliable. again not enough.

How many Greeks do this? How many hours a day does the average Greek, the average international footballer, train? It is not just a coincidence that the Greek teams are unable to pull off a 90-minute offensive soccer pitch against an opponent.