Asian α-λα ελληνικά!

Asian bet

Aris is sure to get the European ticket, he has had a terrible season to pour the milk with the milk now at the end. It welcomes an AEK which has proved in many games this year that it is not in a good condition at all. Even the removal of Manolo Jimenez was raised in these last games of the season. Imagine… The 1DNB of Mars at 1,70. 

Restart of the C national team in Greece and in an important game that will greatly judge the ambitions of both teams for promotion  Ajax of Salamis welcomes the Storm of Rafina. Both teams are anxious for the three-pointer that will keep them alive in the battle for promotion. It is difficult for the man to open the score in the game at 1,85.

The big favorite in the group of Crete is the steel player who welcomes Aris Soudas. The team of Heraklion, which has always been very strong in Atsalenio, has a big lead. In a season like this one in which the seats will play a leading role in the battle for promotion, 1,40 is considered acceptable as a performance and a very good choice.



Aris -AEK
Aias Sal. - Rafina
Atsalenios - Aris Soudas